Catherine Fergus BA MLCHom

Homeopath since 2009 and CEASE practitioner


Sanctus Homeopathy is easily accessible from Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire or Staffordshire. It is situated in Burton on Trent, 11 miles from Derby and 15 from Nottingham.

Home visits can be arranged on request.

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My mobile number is 07966 020 386. Send a text or phone me.

Consultations from £20 depending on the condition.

My email is [email protected]


Visiting a homeopath is very different from visiting a doctor. A doctor usually focuses on the name of the ‘disease’ which you have, and selects your medication based on that diagnosis.

A homeopath is less interested in the name of the disease but in the unique ways your body is responding. Therefore your first consultation may last up to 1½ hours while the homeopath tries to build up a picture of your mental, physical, emotional, and general health. She will also ask questions about any inherited problems, past illnesses and diet. She may also ask questions about your other likes and dislikes so that she can build up a full picture and select the right remedy for you.

A follow up appointment will be made for 4-6 weeks later to assess your response to the remedy. You may only need two appointments, but chronic conditions tend to take longer and it may be necessary to change the remedy as your symptom picture changes.

If your complaint is a longstanding one be prepared for a course of treatment

lasting three to six months as your body returns layer by layer to its healthy state.

Many people are so delighted with the way that homeopathy makes them feel that they continue with it permanently, attending appointments every four to six months.

Homeopathic treatment will not interfere with any conventional treatment you are receiving, although drugs can sometimes reduce the effectiveness of the homeopathic remedies, which means that progress may be slower.