Catherine Fergus BA MLCHom

Homeopath since 2009 and CEASE practitioner


My name is Catherine Fergus and I am a very young 63. I live with my husband and have two daughters in their twenties. We love dogs and cats and France!

My fascination with homeopathy began over 25 years ago after a long period of poor health. After a 30 year career in teaching which culminated in a Headship of a primary school, I enrolled to train as a homeopath. I graduated from the Lakeland College of Homeopathy, Regents Park College, London in 2009.

I specialise in providing individual homeopathic treatment at a reasonable cost. Consultations vary from 15 minutes costing £20 to 90 minutes costing £60 according to the needs of the patient and the condition. Most chronic (long standing) conditions require an initial consultation at £60 followed by a course of follow up consultations costing £40 each.Home visits and telephone consultations are available where appropriate - please inquire.

A reduction is available for pre-booked courses of treatment.

Help with the cost of all homeopathic treatment is available through Simply Health which is a charitable organisation set up to help people to access complimentary treatments.

The minimum dose

It is true that homeopathic remedies contain only minute quantities of the original substance. Despite what the skeptics will tell you there have been thousands of scientific studies conducted showing the efficacy of homeopathic remedies-many of them are to be found on Browse through them at your leisure.

Camomile flowers and water crystals

made from a dilution of the flowers.

Scientists are still discovering the incredible

power of energy - look what happens when

you split the atom! And modern research has revealed how water can 'copy' any substance dissolved in it, or

even to 'mirror' the conditions of the environment.

This shows how tiny dilutions of remedies can be so powerful .

Paul McCartney

"I can't manage without homeopathy.

In fact, I never go anywhere

without homeopathic remedies. "

Testimonials from colleagues

Catherine is an excellent homeopath. She is knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate. She graduated from one of the best homeopathic colleges in the country and runs a thriving homeopathic practice. I have no hesitation in recommending Catherine's services as a homeopath." Denise O'Dywer. Homeopath

"Cathy is an excellent homeopathic practitioner, and I can confidently recommend her. She can help you cope with all your ailments, and manage the stress of a busy working life. She is friendly, professional, worldly wise, and compassionate." Ann Waters Director of The Lakeland College of Homeopathy

Cathy is an extremely caring homeopath who is able to quickly put clients at their ease. She is skilled at selecting remedies but is always adding to her current knowledge through attending courses and reading widely on the subject of homeopathy and other related areas. If I lived closer to Cathy I wouldn't hesitate to use Cathy as my homeopath.” Chris Hytch from Superkids Homeopathy