Catherine Fergus BA MLCHom

Homeopath since 2009 and CEASE practitioner


CEASE therapy is based on the work of Tinus Smit in Holland who developed a system of homeopathy which he claimed helped over 300 autistic children. He taught his protocol to a group of other homeopaths who then taught others and now students from all over the world attend the training courses and go on to practice CEASE therapy.

Having studied in Cambridge with An van Veen M. D. and Ton Jansen (two of Tinus Smit's colleagues) I became a certified CEASE practitioner in 2011 and took an additional, higher level qualification with Kim Kalina in 2014 so am qualified to use the very exciting techniques he developed.

However while some practitioners may follow his protocol somewhat slavishly, I couple it with 30 years experience of teaching, including 5 years as a Head of Year in a Burton secondary school, and 5 years as a Headteacher of a primary school, to approach every case holistically, bringing to bear all the experience of children and family dynamics I gained across my two careers.

Details of his methods can be found in his book 'Autism beyond Despair' or on the CEASE website.